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Open Gym Barbell     

Open Gym Barbell is a veteran owned and operated gym that specializes in authentic military boot camps, strength training, and Olympic weightlifting. Our mission is to recruit, train, and develop DFW area athletes to the highest level possible. Our gyms’ environment is intense and aggressive. Our training methods stay away from useless movements, silly programming, and questionable practices that todays gurus preach as “magic”. We are old school aggression!

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Class Times

Monday- Friday  (Sprint Camp)                  5:30am

Mon-Fri  (Barbell Strength/weightlifting)



Saturday and Sunday (Open Gym/weightlifting)


What we teach:

  • Sprint Camp -  This early morning boot camp features high intensity interval training and is guaranteed to get you in shape faster and safer than any other workout in Dallas.
  • Barbell Strength- We teach and practice the Olympic barbell lifts and the compound barbell movements such as the bench press, squat, dead lift and overhead press.
  • Open Gym Coaching- This time is up to you. We help you reach your fitness goals whatever they may be. We specialize in weight loss, strength training and olympic lifting.
  • 1 on 1 training: specialized 1 on 1 strength or weight loss training


Unlimited: $100/month

1 on 1 training: 10 session package- $500

                           20 session package- $900


Sprint Camp.

Monday through Friday at 530am

Barbell Strength

Monday - Friday at 630am

Monday - Friday at 630pm