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Open Gym Barbell     

Open Gym Barbell is an old school gym that specializes in strength training and authentic boot camp fitness.We place a high value on perfecting technique and use systematic boot camp and barbell strength programs to develop our athletes safely and effectively.



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Class Times

Monday- Friday  (Sprint Camp)      5:30am-6:30am

Mon-Friday  (Barbell/Open Gym)   5:30pm-8:00pm

Saturday & Sunday (Barbell/Open Gym)  9am-1pm 

What we teach:

Sprint Camp -  This early morning boot camp features high intensity interval training and is guaranteed to get you in shape faster than any other workout in Dallas.

Barbell Strength- We teach and practice the Olympic barbell lifts and the compound barbell movements such as the bench press, squat, dead lift and overhead press.

Open Gym Coaching- This time is up to you. We help you reach your fitness goals whatever they may be. We specialize in weight loss, strength training and olympic lifting.

1 on 1 training: specialized 1 on 1 strength or weight loss training


contact us for details  469-587-9735 or



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